About us

I love animals and search for resources to treat and maintain animals rescued from desertion or mistreat – in the city of Porto Alegre/RS – until they can be adopted. However, I need help to continue following this path.

Focinho Online is a non-governmental organization. The purpose of this website is to help deserted animals find a home. I count on a few supporters and I need to take care of 09 animals that are under my responsibility. My voluntary work includes – besides rescuing – veterinary service, medication, vet hospitalization and surgery (when necessary), proper feeding, baths, shearing, deworming, vaccination, transportation, castration and lodging in clinics or temporary homes, because I can’t shelter them all at home. It is impossible to pay for these expenses without help!!!

Each animal we rescue – after being treated – is put for adoption. Unfortunately, this last step is the hardest one. Many pets don’t find a home easily, so we need resources to keep them until they are adopted.

Let St. Francis of Assisi lead the way for all volunteers of the animal cause and always provide them with strength, hope and health to continue their precious work!

If you can help in any way, get in contact with me through the e-mail contato@focinhoonline.com.br or though the phone number:

Josiane Martins
(+55) (51) 9450.7922